The Truth of Gyeongju


Special Shorts 2

YOO Jinseon | 2019 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 25min (E)


Hot summer days are passing by. Postgraduate student, Gyeong-ju, will not be able to get the degree when the semester ends. Consequently, she might be fired from her part-time job which requires her to graduate. For Gyeong-ju, who shoots only character-based, non-mainstream films with slow rhythm, the professor and the people around her suggest shooting a popular, commercial, mainstream film. However, she finds it difficult to write such a story. In the meantime, Gyeong-ju gets to read a scenario of her student, Ye-Bin, at her request. It is a scenario that suits the criteria of popular, mainstream films, and Gyeong-ju feels tempted.


People expect honesty and passion, in relationships and work. However, as the standard for such qualifications, is not definite nor clear, we are judged differently each time. In the life we endure, "honesty" and "passion" seem to be applied, only in cases where we do not go against the main flow, and only when there are visible results.


World Premiere

YOO Jinseon

YOO Jinseon


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Director YOO Jinseon
Screenwriter YOO Jinseon
Cinematographer KIM Jeonggeun
Editor YOO Jinseon
Gaffer KIM Jeonggeun
Production Design KANG Dayoung
Music KIM Hyejoung
Cast LEE Taekyung, KIM Dasol, PARK Sujin