Break the silence

New Shorts

MOON Chang-hyeon | 2021 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 12min 13sec


Sparked by the tragedy of Gangnam Station Murder Case in 2016, the Korean Me-Too movement spread far and wide riding the waves of solidarity. The movement broke the silence left by the deletion of women’s voice, and sprouted many seeds of change along the way. Unfortunately, the movement was concentrated around Seoul and did not reach many women who are active members of culture and art communities outside the capital, leaving them to fend for themselves during those dark times. In this film, we are introduced to artists who break the silence to change things, make statements about the realities of women in local art communities, and express those realities through art.


The waves of change motivated by the Me-Too movement in 2016 reached all corners of the Korean society; the culture and art community being no exception. However, the changes were largely concentrated around Seoul, and female artists in other regions still had to find their own ways to “survive” amid the waves of change. “Not all female artists live in Seoul!” This film focuses on four women artists in Jeonju as they create a theatrical production about their experience in the local culture and art community.

MOON Chang-hyeon

MOON Chang-hyeon

2013 Between Me and I
2018 Gipeusil


Director MOON Chang-hyeon
Producer Ozifilm
Cinematographers MOON Chang-hyeon, KIM Ju-mi, KWON Hye-rin
Editor MOON Chang-hyeon
Cast SONG Won, SEO Seohui, CHOI Mihyang, AN Hyejin