The Conversation

Feature Competition

KIM Dukjoong | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 120min (K, E)


Three women who studied in Paris in their late 20s. Now, they become in their late 30s and are busy contemplating their respective lives. The three women try to talk in French and through this playful conversation, they can bring out more honest words. There are two men circling around in a park near the apartment building with a stroller. If you listen carefully to their conversations, you can guess that there were subtle moments of relationships between them, and now they are only reminiscing about this. Man and woman who seem to have met by chance at a cafe are actually an extension of the mysterious relationship that has continued since yesterday. Truth, lies, and conversations through games. The relationship between the two is likely to continue.


Meeting and conversation of middle-aged people. The efforts to shake off the anxiety of their past and life that are buried in their conversations.

KIM Dukjoong

KIM Dukjoong

2016 The Hunt
2019 The Education


Director KIM Dukjoong
Producer KIM Dukjoong
Screenwriter KIM Dukjoong
Cinematographer OH Jungseuk
Editor KIM Dukjoong
Recording JEON Miyeon
Cast CHO Eunji, PARK Jonghwan, KWAK Mingyu, KIM Soy, SONG Eunji, KWAK Jinmoo