Bok-soon’s One-day Class

Short showcase

CHOI Beom-chan | 2023 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 38min (E) World Premiere

12.3(일) 13:10-14:54 CGV Apgujeong 2 E, GV, 12
12.5(화) 17:30-19:14 CGV Apgujeong ART1 E, GV, 12

Bok-soon, a Jeju Island native, lives alone in her old house, as all her grown-up children are now settled on the mainland. She is excited to know that her children, who have not come home for a while, are coming back for her birthday. She prepares food for their visit but ends up receiving calls, informing her that they are unable to come. The next day, Bok-soon feels pain on her knees and visits an orthopedic clinic where she meets Dong-i. Dong-i tells her of the yoga center opened by Dong-i’s mother. Bok-soon visits the yoga center thinking she could share the left-over food with people there. Neighbors who have not seen her in a long time welcome her, and Young-sook, whom she had loved like her niece, is now the yoga teacher, giving Bok-soon a one-day class. Without realizing, Bok-soon starts to move her aching body to follow the yoga moves.


One day, I saw an old woman in Jeju Island working alone on a vast field. The field was so big that she looked almost like a dot on a paper… Is it possible to cultivate a field of this size alone? A few days later, the field was fully filled with new crops. What had her life been like, working like the nature in the nature? Above all, how are her knees doing? This film started from a wish, that she will be living for herself, the rest of her life.


World Premiere

CHOI Beom-chan

CHOI Beom-chan

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Director CHOI Beom-chan
Executive Producer PARK Syu-young
Producer PARK Ha-ram
Cinematographer KIM Dong-hyo
Lighting SHIN Jung-hoon
Recording PARK Jong-woo
Sound JANG Chul-ho
Make-up Artist JANG Kyung-eun
Music JEONG Yong-jin
Assistant Director PARK Min-woo
Cast KIM Ja-young