Faceless Things


Feature 5

Kyoung- mook Kim | 2005 | Documentary, Fiction | DV | Color | Color | 64min 30sec


Min-su meets a man and parts from him. Me and he, we don't have faces.


When I was a teen, sick and tired of this disgusting world, I began to meet strange men secretly. All these relationships are written in my journal, recorded by the camcorder, or between the traces of my memories. In the sight of candid shot, or in the pornographiy - like representation, I and they(in and out of the frame) were just like a funambulism on a single line struggling with our lives. Looking back now, I realize why I wrote and taped them. In their hidden faces that "the daytime-people" can never see, I saw myself sinking below ceaselessly.


World Premiere

Kyoung- mook Kim

Kyoung- mook Kim

2004 <나와 인형놀이>


Director Kyoung-mook Kim
Production Nowhere Film
Screen Writer Kyoung-mook Kim
Cinematographer Ah-ram Kim
Editor Kyoung-mook Kim
Lighting Ah-ram Kim
DI Sun-hwa Lee
Sound Kyoung-mook Kim
Music Min-hee Lee
Cast Jin-hoo Kim, Jong-chul Kim