Hold Your Breath Like a Lover


IGARASHI Kohei | 2014 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 84min 59sec (KN, E)


December 30th, 2017. Two years before the Tokyo Olympics, due to a revision of the Constitution, a National Defense Force is created in Japan and it starts military operations. In an incineration plant, a dog goes lost, but when Tani goes looking for him, she finds nothing. In the plant, Yana takes down the Christmas decorations and replaces them with the ones for New Year. Gou, addicted to survival games, comes to the plant during the night and starts playing video games with Ken, even if it is his day off. In the meantime, Adachi is just watching their game to kill time. However, all these men share similar problems: pregnancy, adultery, family issues and a friend who died in the war. Meanwhile, Tani, who is troubled with her immoral relationship with Adachi, begins to feel that her father, who was the plant’s manager and is supposed to be dead, seems to be around somehow.


"Actually, we have nothing to do on night shift at the factory, we're just playing video games all night." One of my friends said to me smiling and holding his baby in the arms. This story has started from him. I have friends, some may get married, purchase a house, cheat on his wife, or kill oneself. It is quite natural that lots of events happen on our daily life, and we live or die our own lives. My sorrow is for the coming future of their children, as I do not believe our present is worthful. Although I get a feeling that nothing can be begun without according to live this life, mediocre and full of suffering.



2008 Voice of Rain That Comes at Night
2017 The Night I Swam


Director IGARASHI Kohei
Production Company Tokyo University of the Arts
Producers OKI Makoto, KATO Keisuke
Screenwriter IGARASHI Kohei
Cinematographer TAKAHASHI Wartaru
Editor JIANG Yunhua
Lighting TAKAHASHI Wartaru
Music Sleepy Lemon
Art Director KAWAMATA Ai
Cast TANIGUCHI Ran, INABA Yusuke, MINE Goichi, ADACHI Tomomitsu, HARADA Koji