Gold Dragon Mountain

Short Comptetetion

KIM Mooyoung | 2021 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 18min 34sec World Premiere


The film depicts the massacre of civilians in Geum-jeong-gul Cave in Gyeonggi-do in October 1950. This massacre, in which more than 153 people were killed in a village by South Korean military and police, was compensated by South Korean government in 1993 when it became known to the world through the efforts of the victims' bereaved families, but there is still no place for their remains in their home town.


The film aims to record the daily lives of the victims of the Geum-jeong-gul Cave massacre and finds traces of violence remaining in the current Geum-jeong-gul Cave. Rather than imagining past tragic events as records of history, this film tries to reveal how the forgotten memories survive in the present of South Korean society by entering the past tragic events through traces of remains of massacre.


World Premiere

KIM Mooyoung

KIM Mooyoung

2016 Land without people
2017 Day and night
2018 night light


Director KIM Mooyoung
Producer KIM Mooyoung
Cinematographer KIM Mooyoung
Editor KIM Mooyoung
Lighting LEE Euirock
Cast LEE Yong-duck, LEE Kyung-suk, LEE Byung-sun