Feature Competition

NOH Young-seok | 2023 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 125min (E)

12.1(금) 19:40-21:45 CGV Apgujeong 4 E, GV, 12
12.4(월) 12:10-14:15 CGV Apgujeong 4 E, 12
12.5(화) 14:30-16:35 CGV Apgujeong ART1 E, GV, 12

Ghost-seeking YouTuber, In-gong, and his friend Byung-jin get in contact with an old ‘Nature man’ who insists on seeing ghosts, where he lives alone in a deep forest. The man shows them various spots where he sees ghosts, and he even becomes possessed by a ghost. However, as the old man’s words and actions start to mismatch, they begin to feel unsafe and scared. After witnessing the abnormalities of the man almost every night, they decide to escape. However, a visit from a strange woman dressed in a ghost costume, it seems almost impossible to escape.


At some point, television programs that introduced the so-called ‘nature man,’ living alone in the mountains, have become popular. Apparently, the investment-to-return ratio turns out to be good, with lower production costs, due to the producer and writer taking up the filming themselves, and comparatively high viewer ratings. This high viewership may be credited to those who have grown tired with city life. Despite its basis on reality, as a part of the cultural programming section, the television’s need for spectacle has led to reenacted scenes of ‘nature man’ digging up pre-planted wild plants or jumping into ice ponds in the middle of winter. This phenomenon inspired me to create a story of a man, who starts to act for viewer ratings. I also challenged myself to create this film, armed with the same experimental spirit of the producer, YouTuber, or a solitary filmmaker.


2023 제41회 브뤼셀판타스틱영화제
2023 제24회 전주국제영화제

NOH Young-seok

NOH Young-seok

2008 Daytime Drinking
2013 Intruders


Director NOH Young-seok
Producer NOH Young-seok
Screenwriter NOH Young-seok
Cinematographer NOH Young-seok
Editor NOH Young-seok
Lighting NOH Young-seok
Music NOH Young-seok
Art Director NOH Young-seok
Cast BYUN Jae-sin, JUNG Yong-hoon, SHIN Un-seop, LEE Ran-hee