The 48th Seoul Independent Film Festival
Schedule 2023. 11. 30(Thu) ~ 12. 8(Fri)
Venues CGV Apgujeong
Host The Association of Korean Independent Film & Video, Korean Film Council
Supervisor Seoul Independent Film Festival 2023 Executive Committee
Event Opening/Closing Ceremony, Independent Film Archive Cine Talk, Guest Visit, Actor’s Project, Talk Forum, Creator’s Workroom
About Seoul Independent Film Festival
Independent Film Festival with Competition Showcase SIFF(Seoul Independent Film Festival) is a domestic competition festival encompassing varied independent films of the year. Regardless of theme, format and genre, the films are contested and awarded. Through the festival, SIFF ends the year with the discovery of new independent films as well as the introduction of diverse trends in the invitation sections.
Exchanges and Communications SIFF would like to seek for independent film spirit and vision of the era, by gathering people coming from all parts of the independent film scene and drawing them into participation in the festival.
A Future-oriented Film Festival SIFF actively discovers new independent films alternative to existing films. It has contributed greatly to the development of independent films and consolidated the status in the Korean film scene. SIFF continuously challenges the new possibility of the film through a differentiated vision from mainstream films.
Thinking of Post-Festival SIFF keeps expanding the base of independent films by working on a variety of projects such as INDIE PICNIC (screening tour), DVD/Blu-ray production, book publishing, ACTOR’S PROJECT(acting competition), film distribution and marketing business. By introducing acclaimed international independent films, it also acts as a bridgehead for global networking.
Invitation & Exchange of International Independent Films SIFF introduces acclaimed international independent films, which can inspire film creators in Korea. On the other way round, SIFF also introduces Korean independent films to overseas platforms through INDIE PICNIC and some projects. As a hub of Asian independent films and the largest Korean independent film festival, SIFF tries to establish the bridgehead to extend the boundaries by building the international network.