Main Slogan

“New Challenges for Korean Cinema”

The Seoul Independent Film Festival, as a venue to support independent films which expand the potential of Korean cinema, selects its main slogan, ‘New Challenges for Korean Cinema.’ This was also the initial slogan that in 1999, the Korean Film Council and the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video chose together with the aim of the festival’s willingness to change, which is still effective. Independent films are expanding their future through various practices and aesthetic experiments, after they went through high tensions of Korean film movements. Along with the Seoul Independent Film Festival, new challenges for Korean films continue today.

SIFF2021 Slogan

“Back to Back”

It is scary to run down an unpredictable path, but if someone is ahead of us to accept a baton, it is worth holding out the breath that rises to the tip of our chins. Today, we remember the hands enduringly holding cameras, while leaning back to back and hoping a new future.

Just as today’s film is born from an inspiration for the world we saw yesterday, as we imagine tomorrow from the film we see today, we have continued independent films in a rough and delicate era while the film and we have influenced each other.

Hand in hand, we are now crossing a “World Different From Yesterday” that we are facing for the first time in our lives. What is waiting for us out there? Although we pass through this endless pandemic, there are precious aspirations everywhere that the film and theaters are not to be a disconnected past.

We hope to exchange our glances fiercely in today’s films which have a lot of possibilities, to create a magical disturbance when our struggling energy is possible to become a back-to-back home run, and to become solidarity that connects us as we sometimes throw questions, sometimes answer the questions, as if we form a consecutive loop.

Again, back to back! We launch independent films towards tomorrow.


SIFF2021 Main Image

SIFF2021 main image artwork is in charge of the design studio EVERYDAY PRACITCE. It expresses the footsteps of independent films and their future steps according to the passage of time, and visualizes the continuity with the medium of film and poster images containing many issues and narratives.


Trailer 2021



C 64 M 62 Y 36 K 0
R 117 G 105 B 134

C 73 M 72 Y 99 K 54
R 55 G 46 B 21

Symbol & Concept

The irregular image illustrates the distinct energy of Independent films and the festival. The film symbol intuitively shows the media itself. As the last independent film festival in the year, the sign of full stop expresses our main role in embracing Korean independent films of the year.