Main Slogan

“New Challenges for Korean Cinema”

The Seoul Independent Film Festival, as a venue to support independent films which expand the potential of Korean cinema, selects its main slogan, ‘New Challenges for Korean Cinema.’ This was also the initial slogan that in 1999, the Korean Film Council and the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video chose together with the aim of the festival’s willingness to change, which is still effective. Independent films are expanding their future through various practices and aesthetic experiments, after they went through high tensions of Korean film movements. Along with the Seoul Independent Film Festival, new challenges for Korean films continue today.

SIFF2023 Slogan


A film has just ended today,
but it’s not over yet.

The characters in the film are not us,
the experiences in the film do not match our own.
Yet, the film makes us recall, our joys, sorrows, desires, and secrets,
rendering what had become invisible, visible,
making us realize, that it had not just been a story, but life itself.

Even when happy endings seem nowhere in sight,
and all we have are vague expectations,
it seems like there’s more at stake,
in building of each day, amidst the anxiety and uncertainty.

Each one of us is not a story, but a life unknown.
We leap from yesterday’s experiences to tomorrow’s adventures,
towards the possible and the impossible,
only to start once again, from where we left off.

In times when we doubt on peace and love,
sharing questions from our lives might help.
Today does not reveal everything about tomorrow,
life being more or less a riddle.
Still let’s promise ourselves,
to navigate through, whatever we may face today.

Dear life, dear all lives
About what these times mean to us,
on what’s being prepared, determined, and perceived,
greetings, will continue from one film to another.

Rejoicing the fact, that what’s ahead of us is not decided,
this year’s festival would like to greet all lives out there,
on behalf of all films.


SIFF2023 Main Image


Trailer 2023



C 77 M 83 Y 0 K 0
R 111 G 34 B 212

C 87 M 90 Y 67 K 55
R 32 G 26 B 43

Symbol & Concept

The irregular image illustrates the distinct energy of Independent films and the festival. The film symbol intuitively shows the media itself. As the last independent film festival in the year, the sign of full stop expresses our main role in embracing Korean independent films of the year.