SIFF2011 English Subtile Guide

SIFF2011 English Subtile Guide

※ Folowing films have an english subtitle for foreigner.

– Short Competition 1
<개와 열쇠 The Dog and Key>
<하루 A Day>
<모래 My Father's House>

– Short Competition 2
<맴맴맴 Under the Rainbow>
<행운동 껌소년 The Lucky Gumboy>
<요세미티와 나 Yosemite and I>

Short Competition 3
<숨바꼭질 Hide and Seek>
<구천리 마을잔치 Paprika Feast>

– Short Competition 4
<어느 쌀쌀한 보름밤 One Cold Full Moon Night>

– Short Competition 5
<누가 쌌노? Who did it?>

Short Competition 6
<이웃에 방해가 되지 않는 선에서 Be My Kind>
<아름다운 Beautiful>
<리코더시험 The Recorder Exam>
<고백 Confession>

– Short Competition 7
<푸른 사막 Blue Desert>
<가장 어두운 밤의 위로 A Company on a Dead Gloomy Night>

– Short Competition 9
<야간비행 Fly by Night>
<메이크업 Make-up>

– Feature-Length Competition 1
<피로 Fatigue>

– Feature-Length Competition 2
<줄탁동시 Stateless Things>

– Feature-Length Competition 3
<로맨스 조 Romance Joe>

– Feature-Length Competition 4
<이어도 Wind of Island>

– Feature-Length Competition 7
<밍크코트 Jesus Hospital>

– Korean invitation for Feature Films 2
<위험한 흥분 Dangerously Excited>

– Korean invitation for Feature Films 3
 <가시 Choked>

– Korean invitation for Feature Films 4
 <은실이 The Dearest>

– Korean invitation for Short Films 1
<낯선 빛 Where The Lights Shine Low> 
<우주에서 물구나무 서기 Handstand in Space>
<미확인 미행 물체 Unidentified Following Object>

– Korean invitation for Short Films 2
<마취 Anesthesia>
<대한철강 Oh! Wonderful Korea>

– International Screening 2
<만약 나무가 쓰러지면 : 지구 해방 전선 이야기 If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth>

– International Screening 3
<횡단 금지 : 앨런 아이버슨의 재판 No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson>