Toad Worker

Short Comptetetion

HAH Ji-min | 2022 | Experimental | Color | DCP | 10min (K, E) World Premiere

12.1(금) 12:20-13:45 CGV Apgujeong 2 E, K, 15
12.3(일) 20:10-21:35 CGV Apgujeong 4 E, K, GV, 15
12.6(수) 17:40-19:05 CGV Apgujeong ART2 E, K, GV, 15

Kong-ji is the most competent worker in the area. One day, toads gather to help her, but the water keeps on leaking from the broken jar, because they have to get off from work.


Narrative begins, from clinging on a piece of episode from a traditional folk tale, or from a piece of faded signboard image. Whether it has been passed on by mouth, or has been left from a demolition, remaining traces exist all the time, and the narrator makes up events, depending on such traces. The signboard shop that still stands in Seoul, turns into a ‘landscape’ when detached from the events, and turns into a ‘place’ as heterotopia, when characters temporarily intervene. It still floods, in front of the place.


World Premiere

HAH Ji-min

HAH Ji-min

2022 Trapped Landscape
2023 When the scenery was lush-greenery, the object was closer than it seemed.
2023 In the backseat-quake


Director HAH Ji-min
Producer HAH Ji-min
Screenwriter HAH Ji-min
Cinematographer KANG Soo-min
Editor HAH Ji-min
Lighting HAH Ji-min
Music HAH Ji-min
Art Director HAH Ji-min
Assistant JO Esther, LEE Yoon-ji
Cast UHM Gee-yoon, YON Na-yon, JO Hyoun-jin, KIM Nam-yeong, HAH Ji-min