The Apartment with Two Women

Feature Competition

KIM Se-in | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 139min 40sec (E)


Yi-jung lives with her mother Su-kyung, but they do not get along well with each other. While out grocery shopping one day, they fight as usual and Su-kyung’s car ends up hitting Yi-jung in the parking lot. Yi-jung does not believe Su-kyung’s claim that the car suddenly accelerated on its own and thinks her mother hit her on purpose. Now, Yi-jung wants an apology from Su-kyung for everything that happened in her life.


We should have our own underwear.

KIM Se-in

KIM Se-in

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Director KIM Se-in
Producer KAFA (Korean Academy of Film Arst)
Screenwriter KIM Se-in
Cinematographer MOON Myounghwan
Editor KIM Se-in
Lighting LEE Jae Un
Music LEE Minhwi
Art Director LEE Jung-hyun
Assistant Director JANG Man-min
Cast YANG Mal-bok, IM Jeeho