Paraffin Dream

Short Comptetetion

KWON Soon-hyeon | 2021 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 38min 35sec (E)


For me, candles were seduction. I thought the world was coming to an end. The people in the square laughed, cried, and shouted. Thanks to the small heat in my hand, I could imagine a new world that would come after the end. But, I did not recall those who could not afford candles, those who could not have a square.


This film is a record of three people I didn't film. They have suffered each failure in three candlelight vigils in Korean society over the past two decades. Those who believed in the power of candles chose silence and evaporation at some point. My frustrations and failures are no different from theirs either. The apocalypse was nothing like what I imagined in the winter of 2016. The end was neither loud nor hot. The end came in cold silence with people covering their faces with mask. Even if the candle was a simple seduction. Recalling and dreaming of a false apocalypse could be a small resistance to the end that has already come. Endless imagination, desperately remembering.

KWON Soon-hyeon

KWON Soon-hyeon

2016 An Alley’s Story
2019 Courtesy


Director KWON Soon-hyeon
Producer 망부석필름
Screenwriter KWON Soon-hyeon
Cinematographers KWON Soon-hyeon, KO Eun-yang
Lighting KWON Soon-hyeon
Music Godmode
D.I KWON Soon-hyeon
Cast Anonymous, KIM Gyw-boh