Short Comptetetion

Jude KANG | 2021 | Animation, Documentary | Color+B/W | DCP | 14min 5sec (K)


In Jeju Island, known as the Hawaii of Korea, an incident called "April 3" killed about one-tenth of whole inhabitant at that time, under control of the U.S. military government, shortly after liberation from Japanese colonial rule. After 70 years, the children who survived the massacre testify the memory of those days.


While Jeju Island attracts many tourists, there are those who still live on the island even after losing their families and neighbors 70 years ago. During “Jeju April 3” incident while the country was slaughtering civilians, people struggled to survive from the coercive military and police, and the resisting rioters. Children, who had nothing to do with ideology, lost their mothers and watched their family members die. 70 years later, those children have now grown into old, but “Jeju April 3” remains unsettled and it continues to drift between contrasting ideologies. What can compensate for the lives of these people who have lost their loved ones at such an early age? The least we can do is listen to their stories that have never been spoken of for 70 years. By illustrating what they have witnessed alongside capturing their now-wrinkled faces and hands on camera, we can go back in time.



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2016 A Letter that Bloom Flowers


Director Jude KANG
Producer Jude KANG
Screenwriter Jude KANG
Cinematographer Jude KANG
Editor Jude KANG
Music Jeju soriwat
Voice GO Wan-soon, KIM Bu-ja, MUN Jung-sim, YANG A-hong, JUNG Gyung-soon