Daughter of Mobius


Kim Eui-seok | 1981 | Fiction, Documentary | B/W | DCP | 15min 15sec


This is a documentary-type fiction film featuring a real dancer Kim Ki-in. The protagonist Ki-suk is a 29-year-old single woman and dancer. In the early 1980s, when prejudice against independent women was natural, the film follows Ki-suk who agonizes over her identity as an artist and a woman. It also shows the landscape of Seoul, a metropolitan city where she belongs. We can see an experimental and challenging artist consciousness, including the zeitgeist with female characters in the front, the composition of narration, and the beautiful ending scene with group dance on stage with double exposure. The film won Special Award at the 7th SIFF in 1981.


Kim Eui-seok

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Director Kim Eui-seok