YUN In-ho | 1997 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 95min 29sec


Hansik has wasted his money on his father’s hospital bills and became a laundry factory worker. He is indifferent to everything. There are some foreign workers staying illegally in the laundry factory where he works. The film accuses discrimination and hatred in the labor field, which is as breathtaking as the scorching heat from the perspective of Hansik. Now that the economic gold tower has been built based on the arrogance and desire of capital, how far has Korean society progressed from the mid-1990s, the background of the film? Barricade is the first film produced by J COM, the predecessor of CJ Entertainment, and is also the first film to put the problem of foreign workers at the forefront. As the director and production team had full authority, this low-budget independent film hired actual migrant workers for reality.


YUN In-ho

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Director YUN In-ho