Birdsaver Report Volume 2

New Choice Shorts

CHOI Heehyun | 2021 | Experimental | Color | DCP | 11min 29sec (E) Korean Premiere


Wild birds continue to collide onto glass walls, and humans collect, measure, and analyze to prevent it. Various attempts to observe, perceive and represent the reality are prevalent in the history of art, film, and media. Do human vision and bird vision lie in the same world? Are we able to see the same image as the other?


As a sequel of Birdsaver Report Volume 1 (2020), the film continues the conceptual discussion surrounding the wild bird collision on glass walls. Various scientific methodologies suggested by governmental institutions and voluntary citizens are juxtaposed with examinations on trompe-l'œil, filmmaking, surrealism, vision, and auditory senses. Efforts to prevent bird collisions eventually arrive at attempts to comprehend the mysterious perception of birds, which (are known to) have completely different visual and auditory organs than humans. Such approaches lead us to revisit how humans perceive the world and how those methods evolved throughout history.

CHOI Heehyun

CHOI Heehyun

2019 Between the Eyes 2
2019 Origami Tutorial
2020 Birdsaver Report Volume 1


Director CHOI Heehyun
Cinematographer CHOI Heehyun, KIM Justin Jinsoo
Editor CHOI Heehyun
Sound Mixing KIM Judy
Calibration KIM Justin Jinsoo
Translation NAUJOK Blair Kanghyuk