To Live – Save Ours Saemankum


Feature 3

Kang-gil Lee | 2006|Documentary|DV|Color|75min


It is about the sea people of Gyehwa island who make a living from foreshore. The camera slowly follows their lives and perceptions having undergone change during the Saemangeun Reclamation. While tough struggle with government is going on, the people of Gyehwa are divided in the way of reaction and solution. They share the perception that they have to make a living, but split appears among them. The opinions of committee members, shellfish gatherers and ship owners show considerable difference. One group demands seawater flowing and construction discontinuance to keep the foreshore for gathering shellfish, while the other demands monetary compensation and share of reclaimed land. However, the government never listens to any group. It even tries to use and divide the island residents who demand compensation.


"There are no places to go. We were crushed down.”
Saemangeum didn’t exist. Instead, there were the sea, huge sandbank and so many life forms including humans who have continually lived on Saemangeum until now. Those fishermen and women are, in a way, the real professionals of Saemangeum. Saemangeum has been the land and the sea of life for them since they were born. “Saemangeum Resident Committee” was organized to stop the Saemangeum reclamation project. Fishermen and fisherwomen started a long and unshakable campaign to protect and defend the sea, sandbank and their livelihood, but ship-owners and lower-bureaucrats tried to drive away environmental activists, religious leaders and their former neighbor fishermen and women. One peaceful fishery community is being crushed down to the ground. When no one was interested in this sandbank, there were people who lived here in silence. What and who brought this tragedy? For whom this community must suffer? Perhaps, this is not just the problem of Saemangeum.


2006 제10회 수원 인권영화제
2006 제3회 부안영화제
2006 제11회 광주인권영화제
2007 제4회 서울환경영화제
2007 인디포럼
2007 제11회 서울인권영화제
2007 제4회 EBS 국제다큐멘터리페스티벌

Kang-gil Lee

Kang-gil Lee

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Director/Cinematographer/Editor Kang-gil Lee
Producer Sang-yeop Lee, Kang-gil Lee
Screen Writer Ji-min Shin, Eun-a Na
Sound Hoon Heo
Narration Yeong-seok Yeon