return to sender

New Choice Shorts

YOO Jae-in | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 22min 59sec World Premiere


Ji-young, who works at post office full time, pursues her dream as a poet. She has been submitting her poetries to New Year’s Literary Contest every year. On the day she mails her submission for this year’s contest while at work, she spots a yellow envelope in a pile of mails. With outdated address and postal code, handwritten, it looks familiar to her as she saw the same envelope before. But recipient’s address no longer can be found. She sends the mail back to the sender but in a few days, finds another yellow envelope with the same address from a mail collection box. She keeps wondering about the sender and these letters.


Work of art and writing letters share similarities. Writing poems, similar to writing letters, is transcribing a genuine story brought from deep inside the mind onto the paper. Can you find a meaning in writing itself, even though a letter you wrote with all your heart is read by no one? Can you still keep writing even if your letter ends up in a bulk of undelivered mails and gets discarded? The story of Ji-young searching for the “sender” of undeliverable letters is also a journey to find an answer to what writing really means to her. This film is my reply to all unknown artists out there who are enduring time of silence that seems to never end.


World Premiere

YOO Jae-in

YOO Jae-in

2019 Hey, How Are You


Director YOO Jae-in
Producer KANG Syden
Screenwriter YOO Jae-in
Cinematographer PARK Kwang-soo
Editor YOO Jae-in
Assistant Director BAE Ji-taek
Music LEE Jimin
Assistant Director JANG Eun-seon
Cast YUN Seo-jeong