Short Comptetetion

HWANG Sun-young | 2021 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 29min 13sec (E) World Premiere


In the fall when I turned eighteen, I received the news of my friend Kihyeon’s passing. He got into a traffic accident while working part-time at a fried chicken restaurant as a delivery boy. Without getting any protection as a teenager or a worker, he was quickly erased from the world. I re-encounter Kihyeon’s accident in 2009 while reminiscing the time we shared. I linger around the time facing the motorcycle culture and the friend who vanished like a ghost, and all the “Kihyeons” who are still floating around road in the present.


When I and my friends were teenagers, were we delinquents? Titles like middle schooler, high schooler and underage come with endless don’ts and restrictions. If you break these restrictions, you become a juvenile delinquent, and you get excluded from the society and sometimes become a target of hatred. It is difficult to understand adolescent culture only by words such as restriction, illegality and legality. As a teenager who was part of that culture, “I” am recording the journey I took to search for my friend Kihyeon who used to ride a motorcycle, the symbol of adolescent culture in 2009.


World Premiere

HWANG Sun-young

HWANG Sun-young

2012 連語


Director HWANG Sun-young
Cinematographer HWANG Sun-young
Black-and-White Photograph LEE Seung-ryul
GoPro Cinematographer LEE Seung-ryul
Photograph Su-min, Jae-hun, Min-hee
Editor HWANG Sun-young
Sound PYO Yong-soo
Music JANG Yo-han