Small Bird and Mr. Pig

Feature 4

KIM Sae-bom | 2021 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 76min 18sec (K)


“Small Bird” Kim Choon-na paints pictures and “Mr. Pig” Kim Jong-seok writes poetry. The art in daily life comforts and touches our lives.


“Small Bird” Kim Choon-na is my mother. After quitting the 24-hour supermarket, she is currently taking many classes at the Busan municipal library. She has been in calligraphy for nearly 20 years, and is currently working on contemporary art. She has been good at painting and writing since she was young. She's a meticulous person, but has a girlish and cute side. “Mr. Pig” Kim Jong-seok is my father. After quitting the 24-hour supermarket, he works now as a security guard in an apartment in Cho-eup, Busan. He enjoys standing in front of people, dancing and singing. He is loud and funny, but emotional and soulful. He has been writing poems constantly. Kim Sae-bom, the daughter who is a filmmaker, finally sends a special reply that has started as a love letter between Small Bird and Mr. Pig.

KIM Sae-bom

KIM Sae-bom

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Director KIM Sae-bom
Cinematographers KIM Sae-bom, Tobias ARNDT
Editor KIM Sae-bom
Sound Mixing MOS
Music SIM Jee-young, Das KRAUT
Cast KIM Choon-na, KIM Jong-seok, KIM Sae-bom