Piano Prism

Feature Competition

OH Jae-hyeong | 2021 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 90min 50sec (K, E, Barrier Free)


I am a retired painter, the director who made this film, and these days I dream of becoming a pianist. My clumsy piano, which I started as an adult. At the academy I went to take lessons, the teacher often sighed and couldn't speak. But life revolves around the piano. It feels like walking down the city streets at night, drooling or in a melancholy moment, and somewhere in the midst of people singing happily, my piano is there. And the piano always accompanies my videos responding to social issues such as the Sewol ferry, Gangjeong Village, and Gwangju 5.18. I decide to make the piano a profession rather than a hobby. I start working on a piano that combines my directing works in various genres such as animation, dance film, and experimental film. Then one day, a planner offers a solo performance.


I learned how to play the piano as an adult and I loved it so much that I became a pianist after I turned 30. The film features a creator presenting works as a film director and artist with a piano, a person who is clumsy but courageous to achieve his dream, and a citizen who is timid about social violence and discrimination. The film was produced in a barrier-free way, hoping the audience would be diverse.

OH Jae-hyeong

OH Jae-hyeong

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Director OH Jae-hyeong
Producer OH Jae-hyeong
Cinematographer OH Jae-hyeong
Editor OH Jae-hyeong
Art Director OH Jae-hyeong
Cast OH Jae-hyeong