A Man Runs

New Shorts

HAM Hye-kyung,AHN Ji-hye | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 9min 3sec (E)


The woman, an independent film director, is in self-quarantine. This is because a two-week self-isolation order was issued after contact with a COVID-19 confirmed patient. She makes up mind to complete the scenario she has put off in this period. However after writing a sentence "A man runs" in the beginning, she begins to be constantly disturbed. On the other hand, the main character in the woman's movie, "Man," starts running according to the scenario, but unlike in the beginning, he gets tired as time goes by.


In the era of COVID-19, everything shrank and became cautious. Nevertheless, our will to create continues, and the process is still painful. In this film, I would like to ask questions about the nature of the act of creation, humorously depicting the tension between the film director who has difficulty completing the scenario and the character in the scenario.

HAM Hye-kyung

HAM Hye-kyung

2018 No Fun Running Away with No Bee
2019 Everyone Is a Mystery
2020 A Small Island I Call Peace

AHN Ji-hye

AHN Ji-hye

2004 Water Story
2007 Mujinjang
2014 The Basement Satellite


Directors HAM Hye-kyung, AHN Ji-hye
Producer KIM Min-kyoung
Screenwriters HAM Hye-kyung, AHN Ji-hye
Cinematographer LEE Sun-young
Lighting LEE Sun-young
Editor JANG Hae-chang
Recording SEO Han-sol
Music B.F.M.A SON Han-muuk
Calibration HWANG Ho-gyu
Sound Mixing LIM Kyung-rok
Translation Darcy W. PAQUET
Cast LIM Seong-mi, JEON Seok-hyung