SIFF2021 New-Shorts Section

The Job-linked Production Project by KOFIC offers another opportunity to creators making their films. This pandemic calls for a broad discussion of the past to prospects on the film media. The films in the New-Shorts also reflect the current situation. Those which are “the living creature” responds to themselves and the world in their own way.


SIFF2021 Program committee

KIM Mi-young / Director
KIM Young-woo / Programmer, DMZ International Documentary Film Festival
ARK Kwang-soo / Programmer, Shin-Yeong Cinematheque
SHIN A-ga / Director


▷SIFF2021  New-Shorts Section List◁ 

<Another World In My Room> KANG Soyeon
<I will always love you> LEE Ga-hong, KIM Yeon-gyo, KIM Seo-young
<Death Rally> KIM Saetbyeol, KIM Yunjeong, SON Chaeyeong
<The Sea Remembers its Hometown> NOH Hee-jeong
<Band Q> LEE Yu-jin
<Pick Up> OH Do-e
<Fingertip> JUNG Su Yeon
<Adieu, Ng Man-Tat> LEE Kang-wook
<Film director vlog> LEE Ok-seop, KOO Kyo-hwan
<Eating out> PARK Song-yeol
<Breakup and isolation.> EUN Jeong-hyeon
<never watch your watch> KO Dong-sun
<Two Men on the Rooftop> MO Hyun-shin
<Break the silence> MOON Chang-hyeon
<Cup noodles and Peaches> JO Kyoungwon
<Corona Theater> KIM Se-seong
<Francis Baking> ROH Young Mee
<prisma> JANG Ju-seon
<A Man Runs> HAM Hye-kyung, AHN Ji-hye
<Hollywood Kid> KIM Douck-min