Earth’s Women


Feature 5

Dong-hoon Park | 2009|Fiction|Color|35mm|120min 30sec


A family is gathered at the father’s deathbed. Although they seem to be living normally, they are broken within. Through the daughter’s past, the father’s past, and the father’s father’s past, the film shows the starting point of the present situation and the decisions that came to neglect them.


This film is a film about the attitude. Through the characters constituting the three generations of the JUNG’s family, this filmwitnesses how they confront with time, and the results that comes after their attitude transfers to next generation.


2009 제14회 부산국제영화제

Dong-hoon Park

Dong-hoon Park

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Director Dong-hoon Park
Producer Nam-hui Park
Screen writer Dong-hoon Park, Nam-hui Park
Cinematographer Kang-min Lee
Editor Sung-Yup Yoo
Lighting Dea-yun Jo, Tae-hyun Jang, Hyo -hoon Park
Art Director Kyeong-in Beak
Sound Studio SH
Music Myung-jong Kim
Cast Seung-kil Jung, Ji-in Kim, Woo-jung Oh, Sang-hyun Lee, Kyu-lee Sin, Hyuk-kwon Park