That Summer


KIM Dong-bin | 1984 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 36min 8sec


Two young men and a woman who came to Seoul from rural areas work respectively in an ironworks, a restaurant, and a hair salon. They live with dreams. One day, Yeong-min, the eldest of the three, has an accident at the ironworks and is at risk of blindness. Yeong-suk and Cheol-ho try to get medical expenses for him, but society is cold-hearted. The film faces up to how society drives the characters to tragedy amid a hopeless reality and exposes the structural contradictions of Korean society. It contains a sense of realism criticism, such as sketching factories around Yeongdeungpo to enhance the representation of workers. With the accumulation of 8mm production experience, the filmmaker attempted various shots and camera movements. The use of sound and music is also impressive in the film, contrasting a popular song titled “Seoul” and a tragic song by Kim Young-dong.


KIM Dong-bin

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Director KIM Dong-bin
Cast Kang In-wha, Hong Gi-seon, Hong Heon-pyo