The Cave

Feature showcase

LEE Young-ah | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 111min 3sec (E)


After her husband’s sudden passing, Min-hee moves to Jeju Island with a few unresolved questions in mind. She settles into the house he had always wanted, and gets to know a neighbor named Mok-ha and her twenty-year-old son, Tae-kyung. She takes a liking to self-confident and exuberant Mok-ha, but at the same time, has odd feelings toward Tae-kyung. As Min-hee learns more about them, she is swept over by turbulence of emotions.


To those who are left behind by their loved ones.

LEE Young-ah

LEE Young-ah

2010 Les Miserables 2011
2011 One Meal
2015 Boiler
2015 Punishment


Director LEE Young-ah
Producer KAFA (Korean Academy of Film Arst)
Screenwriter LEE Young-ah
Cinematographer LEE Joohwan
Editor LEE Young-ah
Lighting JANG Dukjae
Music PYO Changhoon
Art Director PARK Jina
Producer KIM Kyoungsoo
Cast YOO Dain, CHO Eunji, HAH Kyoung