tomorrow’s lovers

Short showcase

KIM Yang-hee | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 34min 59sec (K) World Premiere


Jeongan is a 29-year-old graduate student. One day, he receives a call from “Sis” Seonae. Since their mothers are friends, the two have been close like siblings from childhood. Seonae, who contacted him after 5 years, says she’s divorced and put up the house she’s been lived with her ex-husband for sale. She asks Jeongan to house-sit until it is sold. As Jeongan quit the job and goes to graduate school and has a kind of moratorium, so he welcomes her offer. It’s because he wants to spend time alone with his lover, Jiwon, whom he has just met. In Seonae’s carefully decorated and cozy home, Jeongan and Jiwon live as if they were a real couple and develop feelings for each other. And they think of their parents who never seem happy and the Seonae couple who left this house for whatever reason, and thinks about the moment of parting that will come someday.


Young lovers lie down and talk each other in a house where love has left. Through them, we can see the past, present and future of love. Love comes and leaves. I want to convey the excitement of relationship with lover, the joy of sharing, and at the same time loneliness and solitude, all of these colorful emotions in the film.


World Premiere

KIM Yang-hee

KIM Yang-hee

2007 One day to be passing by
2013 Hearing aid
2017 The poet and the boy


Director KIM Yang-hee
Producer Jenny Yang
Original JUNG Yossung-su
Screenwriter KIM Yang-hee
Cinematographer JEE Yune-jeong
Editor PARK Kijung
Lighting HONG Myung-soo
Music KOO Jawan
Art Director JIN Kyung-hee
Cast WOO Ji-hyeon, LEE Tae-kyung, PARK So-jin