Another World In My Room

New Shorts

KANG Soyeon | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 13min 15sec


Sohee has been concerned lately. (Bang!) As soon as Sohee closes the door, she starts imagining a variety of things happening in the house and has to go back inside to check and make sure everything is alright. Sure enough, everything is the same way she left it. Sohee keeps experiencing the same problem more and more by the day. However the results are always the same and she finds that nothing is out of place. She cannot stop doing this. So, she asked her uncle who is psychologist about this reaction by pretending her friend’s concern but it’s not really helpful. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Ki-joon is worried about her constantly late for lectures these days. Sohee eventually faces a crisis of credit F, and Ki-joon asks Sohee what's going on these days. Sohee tell him her worries. Sohee blames herself for being crazy even if she thinks about it. Ki-joon feels pity for her situation and prepares a little surprise at Sohee's house when she is away from home.


Be My Side.

KANG Soyeon

KANG Soyeon

2020 I L*** U


Director KANG Soyeon
Producer HAN Soomin
Screenwriter KANG Soyeon
Cinematographer MIN Sungwook
Editor KIM Youngduk
Lighting YU Jaehyuk
Music LEE Seonggyeong (DONGKYOUNGHADA)
Art Director HAN Soomin
Cast KIM Hyunmok, KANG Soyeon, LEE Sanghong, KIM Yerim, LEE Hyunkyu