The Great Buddha+


HUANG Hsin-yao | 2017 | Fiction | B/W | DCP | 104 min (KN)


Pickle is a night security guard at a bronze statue factory, who also plays in a band at the funerals when time allows. Earning a meager income, Pickle lives with his elderly mother. His best friend Belly Button works as a recycling collector during the day, and Pickle’s biggest pleasure in life is flicking through the porn magazines Belly Button collects in the small hours in the security room. Having late night snacks and watching television are an integral part of their dull lives. One day when the television is broken, their lives are changed forever. At first, they watch the footages recorded on their boss’s dash cam for fun, and soon they get addicted to peeping into the boss’s colorful private life and accidently discover the boss’s unspeakable secret. As a result, a ridiculous chain reaction is triggered, and even the statue of Buddha, ready to be sent to the religious festival, is forced to play a role in this chaotic situation. The story involves gods, the middle-aged men’s sexual desire and the conversation between ghosts and humans. Maybe the audience will find it preposterous, but isn’t life itself a farce?


I have always wanted to tell a story about some forgotten place or people in the southern Taiwan. I feel that the comical portrayal of Taiwanese people on television or in film often fail to convey the true nature of our lives. There are many laughable things in our lives, and when they are depicted in the movies, they make us laugh out loud. But somehow I feel that these laughable things actually stem from sadness. We can only look at it directly and then carry on with our lives. If we feel helpless, it may be a way of coping.


2017 금마장영화제 신인감독상, 각색상, 촬영상, 음악상
2017 타이베이영화제 관객상
2017 홍콩아시아영화제 신인상
2017 싱가포르국제영화제
2017 토론토국제영화제 넷팩상
2017 밴쿠버국제영화제
2017 부산국제영화제
2017 도쿄국제영화제
2018 아시안필름어워즈
2018 부에노스아이레스국제독립영화제
2018 에든버러국제영화제

HUANG Hsin-yao

HUANG Hsin-yao

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2022 A Silent Gaze


Director HUANG Hsin-yao
Producers CHUNG Mong-hong, YEH Ju-feng
Screenwriter HUANG Hsin-yao
Cinematographer CHUNG Mong-hong
Editor LAI Hsiu-hsiung
Music LIN Sheng-xiang
Production Design LEE Ying-hsin, CHAO Shih-hao
Cast Cres CHUANG, Bamboo CHEN, Leon DAI, CHANG Shao-huai, CHEN Yi-wen, Na Dow, TING Kuo-lin