Notes from the Unknown

Feature Competition

GWON Hajeong,KIM Ahyun | 2021 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 80min 7sec (K) World Premiere


Just before Lee Seungyoon became famous after winning the music audition program Sing Again, two women just went to “Unknown-musician” Seungyoon without any notice. One day in 2018, the two, who were going through a very tough time, happened to listen to his song and it healed their wounded hearts. After two years, they boldly suggest him to make his music video without any experience. Starting with the ridiculous proposal, their adventurous journey begins.


We realized that it was very hard to know what we wanted to do and hard to feel confident in how well we could do it. We were exhausted and depressed by our spiritless life. One song accidentally came to move our hearts. We did not want to miss the slight movement in our hearts. We said over and over again, "Let's go out. Let's go out and do something."


World Premiere

GWON Hajeong

GWON Hajeong

2017 Crack

KIM Ahyun

KIM Ahyun

2016 Mint
2018 Summervacation homework


Director GWON Hajeong, KIM Ahyun
Producer GWON Hajeong, KIM Ahyun
Cinematographer GWON Hajeong, KIM Ahyun
Editor GWON Hajeong, KIM Ahyun
Cast GWON Ha-jeong, KIM A-hyun, GOO Eun-ha