Underground Sky


KANG Je-kyu | 1983 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 12min 41sec


The film criticizes an aspect of industrialization and materialism through portraits of young men who came to Seoul in the early 1980s. Starting with a young man who is agonizing on a train heading to the city, it cinematically displays the dreams, ideals, desires, and frustration of youth by cross editing two young men; one makes counterfeit money and the other writes something. The psychological description through a picture diary is impressive and the long shot is artistically used. The film won Best Cinematography Award at the 9th SIFF in 1983 for its spectacular filming of trains.


KANG Je-kyu

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Director KANG Je-kyu
Cinematographer Lee Yoon-taek
Lighting Cho Sung-min
Music Park Sung-mi
Cast Cha Young-gun, Ahn Gang-ryeol