Poetry on Land

Feature showcase

JUNG Dawoon | 2023 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 115min (E)

12.3(일) 15:40-17:35 CGV Apgujeong ART2 E, GV, G
12.7(목) 17:30-19:25 CGV Apgujeong ART1 E, G

If you follow Jung Young-sun's landscaping life, you will naturally encounter works that symbolize human life and death. From private front yard gardens containing personal life time to Seonyudo parks and cemeteries where daily rest and play with our neighbors unfolds like hide-and-seek, the light and dark of large national projects symbolizing economic growth and development unfold between landscape architect Jung Young-sun's spaces.
And it leads to the last task that she cannot let go of, the journey to naturally revive the characteristics and scenery of Korea's land. Wouldn't the dream of a landscape architect, who hopes that the nature of a country, the most natural land with the history of the times, will be delivered to future generations, give us another clue of hope as we live a little uneasy time.


It is time to think a lot about nature and its resilience through the record fine dust raids in 2019 and the example of Venice, which ironically improved water quality despite humanity's difficult times due to COVID-19, which began in 2020. Through her landscaping works, which project the power of life and the disappearance of death, I wanted to convey the importance of nature and landscaping with human life and the possibility of restoring Korean natural scenery.
If we follow Jung Young-sun's final task of restoring amazing natural vitality and Korean natural scenery proved in history, we may find clues to recover the scars left on the country due to disasters such as large-scale land development or forest fires in Gangwon-do. Thus, I would like to find a more hopeful picture for our children in the future of Korea's hazy ecology, which is filled with colors of fine dust and ultra-high-density cities.

JUNG Dawoon

JUNG Dawoon

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Director JUNG Dawoon
Producer KIM Jong-shin
Cinematographer PARK Myung-jin
Editor JUNG Dawoon
Music KIM Sun
Cast JUNG Young-sun