The Funeral of the Unknown

Short Comptetetion

JO Zoyeon Sangah | 2021 | Experimental | Color | DCP | 18min 35sec (N) World Premiere


The Funeral of the Unknown is a found-footage film, an artistic mourning for the deaths of the strangers. It carries from the deaths related to personal experience to the deaths became a social issue, which dragged the problem of the society and awake the people’s thinking and changed their life. A whispering voice, “Grieve!” repeats every 58 seconds throughout the video, which is quoted from Paul Auster's The Brooklyn Follies. The film takes the stories of the deaths of artist itself and the strangers. The screen is filled with the found-footages material and big typography. The story ends with some wishes.


How can I, and my friend, and we, could be so sad for the deaths of people who we don’t even know? There are people who have endured the visual images and words of disaster and crime with a common memory. And there are people who shout the same stories together in sorrow. The perimeter of the death gradually grows from memory to acquaintances, to me, to the group, and to people outside the group. I hope we could find the proper way of mourning, don’t forget those deaths. It wouldn’t hurt to move on like that.


World Premiere

JO Zoyeon Sangah

JO Zoyeon Sangah

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Director JO Zoyeon Sangah
Producer JO Zoyeon Sangah
Screenwriter JO Zoyeon Sangah
Editor JO Zoyeon Sangah
Music JO Zoyeon Sangah
Cast JO Zoyeon Sangah, Erika Kurebayashi MORSBACH