MARIKO Tetsuya | 2019 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 130min 31sec (KN, E)


Miyamoto Hiroshi, an awkward and tactless salesman who works for a stationery maker, can't smile for the life of him or engage in clever flattery, but possesses an extremely strong sense of justice. He falls for an independent woman, Nakano Yasuko, a friend of a senior coworker, and is called to Yasuko's home, where her former lover, Yuji appears. To reject Yuji, Yasuko tells him she slept with Miyamoto. An enraged Yuji assaults Yasuko, and Miyamoto rushes to her defense, vowing to protect her. In the wake of this incident, Miyamoto and Yasuko's bond deepens, and they find happiness for a time. But it's not long before their love for each other would be put through the ultimate and greatest test of their lives. No money! No connections! No way to win! … But plenty of passion! The torrid and heart-wrenching story of the life of hot-blooded salesman, Miyamoto, is a sublime and entertaining celebration of humanity. The hot-headed salesman Miyamoto wages a fight where losing is not an option.

MARIKO Tetsuya

MARIKO Tetsuya

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2016 Destruction Babies
2020 Mayday


Director MARIKO Tetsuya
Producers SATO Junko
Screenwriter MARIKO Tetsuya, MINATO Takehiko
Cinematographer SHINOMIYA Hidetoshi
Editor UENO Soichi
Lighting KANEKO Yasuhiro
Music IKENAGA Shoji
Cast IKEMATSU Sousuke, AOI Yu, IURA Arata