Feature showcase

LEE Don-ku | 2023 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 70min

12.1(금) 14:50-16:00 CGV Apgujeong 4 GV, 15
12.6(수) 20:30-21:40 CGV Apgujeong 2 GV, 15

Woojoo brings a body to Jisoo's place. Jisoo and Woojoo were in a relationship for years. At that time, Ki-wan had a nightmare floating in space. He runs a small chicken restaurant in the neighborhood. Ki-wan searches for articles about rocket launches every single day. While Jisoo is away from home for a while, Woojoo brings another corpse. It's his mother, Shin-ae. They roam the mountains looking for a place to bury. The rocket launch count begins and Ki-wan swells with anticipation. A spacecraft launches vigorously. Jisoo and Woojoo lay Shin-ae down and pray. At the moment, Jisoo receives a phone.


The sense of loss and longing of those who remain after parting with the apple of their eye.

LEE Don-ku

LEE Don-ku

2012 FATAL
2014 Entangled
2019 Fanfare
2021 Spring Comes


Director LEE Don-ku
Producer DK FILM
Producer SEO Yeon-kyung
Screenwriter LEE Don-ku
Cinematographer deep-sea fish
Editor LEE Don-ku
Music KIM Chul-hwan
Art Director KIM Do-eui
Recording KIM Jun
Mixing HONG Seong-jun
D.I deep-sea fish
CG JEONG Jeong-hyeon
Assistant Director YOON Jin-woo
Cast KWON Ip-sae, PARK Jong-hwan, YUN Yu-sun, BAN Sion