Boundary:Flaming Feminist Action

Feature 4

YUN Ga-hyun | 2021 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 107min 4sec (K, E)


After the Gangnam Station Murder Case in 2016, my friends and I started new activism from labour activism to feminist activism. The feminist group we created, Flaming Feminist Action, is the group addressing the issues around female body and sexuality such as freeing axillary hair and freeing nipples. 4 years since we lived as a feminism activist after the Feminist Announcement, now we are opening up the diary which is passionate, dreadful and soggy like a summer.


I would like to comfort all the females including my friends and myself who had to fight constantly.

YUN Ga-hyun

YUN Ga-hyun

2016 The Part-Time Workers’ Union


Director YUN Ga-hyun
Producer MA Min-ji, LEE Na-yeon
Cinematographers YUN Ga-hyun
Editor YUN Ga-hyun
Cast LEE Ga-hyun, KIM Mi-hyun, KIM Se-Joeng