Scent of Banana


Short 5

Hye-ryeom Yoon | 2009|Fiction|Color|HD|17min 45sec


Young-Hee wants to get rid of her entire life which was like a piece trash, and trys to join in a group of high-shaped nose by plastic surgery. But she breakdowns because of terminal cancer that she has. Does she have to wait a death with calm or have to struggle to get a one-day life as a beauty. Her terrific struggle for plastic surgery.


Dedicate this movie to Cinderellas who reborn with new face, new body and new life by plastic surgery.


2009 제5회 부산디지털콘텐츠유니버시아드
2009 제11회 서울국제여성영화제
2009 제8회 미쟝센단편영화제
2009 제3회 상록수단편영화제
2009 제46회 대종상영화제
2009 제14회 광주인권영화제
2009 제10회 대구단편영화제

Hye-ryeom Yoon

Hye-ryeom Yoon

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Director : Hye-ryeom Yoon
Producer : Young-mo Kang
Screen writer : Hye-ryeom Yoon
Cinematographer : Young-soo Bae
Editor : Hye-jin Kim
Lighting : Ho-yeon Kim
Art Director : Yoo-sun Won
Sound : Dae-ji Lim, Yu-kyung Yoon, Nam-yoon Kim
CG : Dong-hoon Lee, Zino
Cast : Min-hee Sin, Hyun-jin Oh, Eun-mi Kim