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LEE Jae-eun,LIM Jisun | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 94min (K, E)


20-year-old Jung-hee doesn't go to college and works part-time. She goes to meet Min-young, her high school roommate, for the first time in a while and wants to play with her as before. However, Min-young, a college student, is busy sending correction emails regarding her credits and feels uncomfortable by Jung-hee's visit.


About our friendship at the age of twenty, after graduating from high school and going our separate ways, friends are distanced gradually from each other.

LEE Jae-eun

LEE Jae-eun

2017 A Story of Euijin

LIM Jisun

LIM Jisun

2017 Noise


Director LEE Jae-eun, LIM Jisun
Producer CHO Yoonbin
Screenwriters LEE Jae-eun, LIM Jisun
Cinematographer KIM Hyesu
Editors KIM Seoyoung, LEE Jae-eun, LIM Jisun
Music KWUN Hyunjeong
Art Director LEE Hyeji
Cast KIM Jua, YOON Seoyoung, SON Dahyeon, LIM Jongmin