Three Friends


YIM Soon-rye | 1996 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 91min 51sec


There are three friends who just graduated from high school and did not go to college. Tae-moo dreams of becoming a cartoonist, Seoung-ho works as a part-timer at a video rental store, and Se-in wants to become a hairdresser without his family knowing. One day, a health check notice arrives for the three to join the military service. It is the process of becoming an adult as they are 20 years old. These young men were sick, funny, and confused when they were twenty without anybody’s attention. The director casted unknown actors to realistically describe the daily lives of non-mainstream outsiders. This is director Yim Soon-rye’s feature debut film, which has opened a new prelude to a female director, proving that a film with warm sympathy without techniques and exaggerations is possible in a male-dominant film production environment. It is a low-budget independent film that could be made at the will of the creator with the production investment of the Samsung Entertainment.


YIM Soon-rye

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Director YIM Soon-rye
Screenwriter YIM Soon-rye
Cinematographer PETER GRAY
Lighting Cho Sung-gak (ON LIGHTING)
Music Lee Byung-woo
Editor Lee Dong-hui (L.I.M)
Sound Supervisor Lee Gyu-seok (A&D)
Art Director Kang Seung-ryong