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JUNG Su Yeon | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 13min 49sec


Sumin, who was suddenly fired from a part-time job at a bakery, has reported the owner of the bakery to the Labor Administration. Then the owner has been holding out without paying for three months. Manager Jin-hee, who reported with Sumin, will be reinstated after reaching an agreement with the owner without consulting with Sumin. Sumin goes to a bakery late at night to meet her manager.


Things that cannot be expressed in words are expressed through the body. In particular, you can guess what the person's life is like by looking at his/her hands. I didn't want to, but I'm really grateful that someone looks at me and understands me.

JUNG Su Yeon

JUNG Su Yeon


Director JUNG Su Yeon
Screenwriter JUNG Su Yeon
Editor JUNG Su Yeon
Producer KIM Jae Eun
Producer Crew JANG Ju Seon, KIM Tae Oh
Cinematographer KIM Do Wan
Camera Crew KWON Min Ryeong
Lighting KIM Do Wan
Sound KIM Tae Hyeong
Make-up Artist LEE Soo Bin
Assistant Directors NAM Ga Won, LEE Hyo Mi
Scripters KIM Ye Hee, PARK Chan Woo
Cast KIM Do Yong, PARK Hee Eun, HONG Ye Ji