Zombie-Free Test Day

Local Cinema

KIM Seon-been | 2023 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 28min (E)

12.2(토) 24:00-29:12 CGV Apgujeong 4 E, 15
12.3(일) 20:30-21:52 CGV Apgujeong 2 E, N, K, GV, G
12.6(수) 11:00-12:22 CGV Apgujeong ART2 E, N, K, GV, G

On the day of SAT, which continued to take place even in the era of zombies, high school girls drive themselves to the place of examination.


There are dreams that I dream all the time. One of them is having to take the SAT without having studied, another is having to drive without a license. I wanted to confront those things that scared me.


2023 제25회 정동진독립영화제
2023 제1회 은평청년영화제 작품상
2023 제11회 서울국제어린이영화제
2023 제1회 싸이파이안페스타
2023 제10회 부산여성영화제
2023 제12회 대구여성영화제
2023 제23회 전북독립영화제

KIM Seon-been

KIM Seon-been

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Director KIM Seon-been
Producer KIM Na-been
Screenwriter KIM Seon-been
Cinematographer JEON Sang-jin
Editor WON Chang-jae
Lighting JEON Sang-jin
Music LEE Seong-gyeong, HAN Seo-jin
D.I JEON Sang-jin
Recording KIM Tae-hwi
Sound LEE Su-hyeon
Cast LEE Seung-yeon, YOO Eun-a, AN Yeon-seon, JUNG Yu-jin, KIM Da-som