Swamp Legacy

Short Comptetetion

SHIN Jong-won | 2020 | Experimental | Color+B/W | DCP | 14min 55sec (K, E) World Premiere


Wetland Legacy is a work that reconstructs the grandfather’s life by tracking his records that the narrator inherited while visiting the actual places found in the records and the testimony of his family: from his hometown in the 1960s to present Upo Wetland. Google Earth is used as an access link to approach these places immediately. Geographic landscapes of the past are given not as two-dimensional images leveled as observed by the point of view of military satellites but as a result of the triple reflacted time. In this way the narrator experiences a series of conflicts between his sensibility and that of his grandfather while asking him incessant questions.


“Who am I?”, “Where am I from?” When I seek my own origin, the first clue given is the name. The Korean naming is unique, because its three syllables show their identity: their family, vertical generational relationship and fate. Except for rare cases, Koreans are predestined to be an extension of someone even before birth, not an independent individual. Thus, they can’t escape from family relations unless discard their own names. Can't we live a different fate than our ancestors? Let’s answer this question while writing the first and last letter to the deceased grandfather.


World Premiere

SHIN Jong-won

SHIN Jong-won


Director SHIN Jong-won
Producer SHIN Jong-won
Screenwriter SHIN Jong-won
Editor SHIN Jong-won, KIM Min-kyong
Music KIM Min-kyong
Cast SHIN Jong-won