Adieu, Ng Man-Tat

New Shorts

LEE Kang-wook | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 6min 35sec


A hot summer night. Mu-gyeom is waiting for a bus. He gets a text message from his friend who saw the news of Hong Kong movie star Ng Man-Tat's death. For Mu-gyeom, who quit the job recently, the text message is just annoying. There is still no bus, and it is quiet except for the sound of crickets.


A legendary Hong Kong movie star Ng Man-Tat died. It feels like only yesterday I was watching his movies with old friends; but looking back, it has been a long time. Thinking of Ng Man-Tat reminds me of all the movies that we watched together, and I start to miss those friends.

LEE Kang-wook

LEE Kang-wook

2002 The Wind is Hitting on My Face


Director LEE Kang-wook
Producer TAK Gi-yeong
Screenwriter LEE Kang-wook
Cinematographer KIM Min-je
Editor CHA Si-yeong, LEE Kang-wook
Lighting JEON In-ryong
Sound Design KIM Dong-hwan
Art Director CHOO Da-yeong
Recording HAN Ji-yeong
Cast JUNG Seong-wook, TAK Gi-yeong