Short Comptetetion

KIM Kyeongbae | 2022 | Animation | Color | DCP | 12min 39sec (E)


The old man is at trial for the murder of a mountain bird. To examine the case, the judge peers into the old man's memory. A little boy is acting out the Swallow in the Christian play, Happy Prince. He feels the little Swallow is being mistreated, but no one seems to notice. He begins to panic amidst the skeptical, judgmental crowd.


One of mankind’s biggest flaws is Hypocrisy. We are unhesitant to throw stones at somebody else’s wrongdoing, while we overlook our own faults. We gather around dispassionately analyzing and criticizing a situation far away, until it becomes something personal and we are busy defending ourselves. Hypocrisy is so prevalent that it is not merely a personal trait. The audience of this film must have their own hypocrisies, as do I. I hope for them to feel some form of discomfort watching the film, and thereby acknowledge the countless hypocrisies of our society.


2022 Seoul Indie-AniFest / Special Prize for Debut Film
2022 The Fantasia International Film Festival / Best Short(Gold)
2022 Animanima
2022 Wonju Rooftop Film Festival
2022 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

KIM Kyeongbae

KIM Kyeongbae


Director KIM Kyeongbae
Producer KIM Kyeongbae
Screenwriter KIM Kyeongbae
Editor KIM Kyeongbae
Music IM Bomi
Cast CHOI Jinwoo, KIM Sihoo, SONG In-ae, PARK Minhyuk, LEE Junseo, KIM Jisung