Song of the Poet

Feature showcase

GOH Young-jae | 2021 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 119min 47sec (E)


What can songs do? Cheong Tae-choon, who is a Korean singer-songwriter, poet and social activist has pondered on this question for over 40 years. This documentary chronicles the life of Cheong Tae-choon who has interacted with the public since his debut in 1978 using various materials and interviews. Generations of people testify to the inspiration and hope provided by the celebrated singer.


Cheong Tae-choon’s song was my song and our generation’s. In 1978, Cheong’s first song, “Poet’s Village,” appeared in the world with the lyrics that we had never heard anywhere and with lyrical music. However, he did not stay as a popular singer. The chronology of Cheong Tae-choon’s song is in contact with that of the era that went through important historical inflection points of Korean society. Song of the Poet is a music documentary that looks back on our Korean’s lives and times through his songs, and the story of people who have been through those times together. It is not a history book that best describes the era, but rather the popular music of that era.

GOH Young-jae

GOH Young-jae


Director GOH Young-jae
Producer PARK Chae-eun
Screenwriters PARK Chae-eun, GOH Young-jae
Cinematographers AHN Chai-min, PARK Young-jun
Editor KIM Hyung-nam
Music PARK Man-hee, JEONG Doo-seok
Sound PYO Yong-soo
Cast CHEONG Tae-choon, PARK Eun-ohk