Where would we go

Short Comptetetion

JANG Tae-goo | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 20min 54sec


Seung-mi hasn’t been able to meet her friend Jung-hyun since she got a job in Seoul and they have started to live their own life and have drifted apart. Seung-mi, who thinks maybe it's caused by COVID-19, starts to run while recalling about their trip that they had three years ago.


I didn't feel pandemic fatigue that much. Rather, I was afraid of anxiety about the future in my repeated life even before the Pandemic, and I felt precious relationship would go away as if the redevelopment neighborhood would disappear. Despite all that, I wanted to portray the moments when I want to run forward toward the days to come in the film.

JANG Tae-goo

JANG Tae-goo

2019 Found what I wanted have now


Director 장태구 JANG Tae-goo
Producer LEE Ju-dae
Screenwriter JANG Tae-goo
Cinematographer PARK Jin-won
Editor LEE Jin-ho
Lighting CHOI Won-yeong
Music AWAN
Art Director KIM Bo-min
Poster Design LEE-Jun-sang
Cast LEE Seung-me, YEO Jeong-hyeon, CHA Hae-soo, KIM Geun-hui