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Feature 2

KANGYU Garam | 2019 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 86min


Those feminists of the time, how are you all doing?


Feminism has been the top issue in Korean society in the recent years. Books on feminism have been selling like hot cakes, and the ‘#me too’ campaigns have also been active, accusing sexual violence in various fields, including the art world. At the same time, a strong backlash has developed against feminism. What is it about being a feminist, when the hatred for feminists has become stronger, and the discourse on feminism has become more intense than ever? I wanted to find the answer to the question. I decided to visit the so-called ‘young feminist’ friends who had been active from the late 1990s to the early and mid-2000s. I hoped to see, through their responses to questions that may not facilitate clear cut answers, their daily lives and thoughts, what it meant to live as a feminist, how the feminist orientation could bring about positive changes in the Korean society. I had also hoped to record a certain phase of history of the Korean Women’s Movement.


2019 제21회 서울국제여성영화제 한국장편경쟁 작품상
2019 제20회 제주여성영화제
2019 제 8회 대구여성영화제 개막작
2019 제10회 광주여성영화제
2019 제24회 인천인권영화제




2011 < My fathers house >  

2016 < Itaewon > 

2017 < Candle wave feminists > 



Director KANGYU Garam
Producer Youngheeya Nolja
Composition NAM Soona, KANGYU Garam, SON Kyunghwa
Cinematographer SON Kyunghwa
Editor KANGYU Garam
Music Flowing
Cast Kira, Seneo, Jatury, Aura, Omae, Flowing