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OH Se-hyeon | 2021 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 78min 34sec (E)


A photo studio owner Jemoon receives a call that his old college friend Chulsoo’s father committed suicide. Not so long after, he finds out that it wasn’t his father but Chulsoo himself who took his own life, and decides to go to the funeral in Gwangyang. He looks for someone to accompany him on the trip to Chulsoo’s funeral. He heads to Gwangyang with his friends the next day.


Loneliness is universal. We all hold ourselves together, we stagger, stumble, and fall. We take a step forward, but do not know if we’re on the right path. How fragile we are, in this frivolous life of ours; what truly consoles and encourages us in this world are the people who are by our side.

OH Se-hyeon

OH Se-hyeon

2020 Flash


Director OH Se-hyeon
Screenwriters CHAE Young-shin, OH Se-hyeon
Cinematographers PARK Jung-hun, HA Jin-kyung
Lighting SONG Hyun-suk
Art Director KIM Cho-hea
Cast YOON Je-moon, KIM Tea-hun, KIM Ji-sung